Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production

Products which require complicated material systems and nanoscale structural organization, e.g. third-generation solar cells, are often difficult to develop. This is because electronic properties of bulk semiconductors are often masked or at least strongly superimposed by material interface properties. Additionally, these interface properties are complex and thus make product design difficult. MMAMA, an H2020 European project, aims at solving this problem by offering a nanoscale characterization platform for the manufacturers of coatings, photovoltaic cells, and semi-conductor circuits. It is proposed to use a combination of scanning microwave microscopy, free-space, coaxial and dielectric resonator methods, and simulation to measure the material and interface properties of complicated material systems and nano-structures. The talk will give an overview of MMAMA by presenting partners involved, general objectives, first results achieved and on-going activities.