Measurement Systems Fusion for Over-The-Air (OTA) Characterization of 5G Devices

Considering the trend of 5G devices, it is obvious that OTA characterization is becoming increasingly important. Besides the RF challenges of mm-wave carrier frequencies and increased modulation bandwidths, RF design and characterization engineers are suddenly facing the spatial dimension. They are directly confronted with the Maxwell equations which used to be the sole problem of the antenna designer. This evolution is having a direct impact on RF measurement systems. Certain very well understood conductive interfaces are being replaced by probing antennas which need to scan the fields in either near or far field, enclosed by one or another type of chamber. At the same time the metrology is becoming more difficult to guarantee that the measurement numbers are still representing the proper performance factors. This presentation provides an overview of all these aspects both in the design and production phase of 5G devices. It shows how the RF OTA measurement systems are fused from motion control, positioning techniques and RF measurements, strengthened by field mathematics while making sure all works fast and flawlessly together.