Wideband Design Techniques for mm-Wave Gallium Nitride MMICs

Gallium Nitride has long been discussed and proven to be a technology to yield wideband circuits to about 20GHz and recently 40GHz, respectively, e.g. for EW applications with outstanding power and PAE performance. This is mainly based on the low capacitances and high real impedances per unit gate width. With the improvement of Silicon and GaN technologies towards high mm-wave ranges, also at V- and W-band band frequencies the advantages in wideband circuits become obvious for Gallium Nitride IC, and will enable a new class of wideband power ICs to 100GHz, and potentially also beyond to 200GHz with outstanding power performances over bandwidth filling the prominent power gap. Special passive considerations need to be addressed. The talk is dedicated to examples of such amplifiers, with respect to active and passive needs. Several examples will be given.