Integrated Ferroics for Sensing, Power, RF, Microwave and mm-Wave Electronics

The coexistence of electric polarization and magnetization in multiferroic materials provides great opportunities for realizing magnetoelectric coupling, including electric field control of magnetism, or vice versa, through a strain mediated magnetoelectric coupling in layered magnetic/ferroelectric multiferroic heterostructures. Strong magnetoelectric coupling has been the enabling factor for different multiferroic devices, which however has been elusive, particularly at RF/microwave frequencies. In this presentation, I will cover the most recent progress on new integrated ferroic materials which are deposited at room temperature, magnetoelectric NEMS (nanoelectromechanical system) based sensors and antennas. Specifically, we will introduce magnetoelectric multiferroic materials, and their applications in different devices, including: (1) novel ultra-compact RF NEMS acoustic magnetoelectric antennas immune from ground plane effect with < [TODO-missing symbol next character] ?0/100 in size, self-biased operation and ground plane immunity; (2) ultra-sensitive RF NEMS magnetoelectric magnetometers with ultra-low noise of ~1pT/√Hz at 10Hz for DC and AC magnetic fields sensing, which are the most sensitive room temperature nanoscale magnetometers; (3) voltage tunable inductors, phase shifters, isolating bandpass filters; and (4) low-temperature deposition of spin spray deposited ferrite films onto Si, PCBs, etc. These novel ferroic materials and devices show great promise for applications in compact, lightweight and power efficient sensors, antennas and tunable components for radars, communication systems, biomedical devices, IoT, etc.