Enhancing Nonreciprocity Using Coherent Magnonics

In this program, we exploit the highly coherent magnonic excitations and conformal, volume filling, deposition of V[TCNE]2 thin films into a matrix of inorganic magnetic microstructures to lay the foundation for self-biased magnon crystals and nonreciprocal magnetic microwave devices. These proposed structures employ topologically protected spin-wave excitations of the magnon crystals to enhance nonreciprocity and explore the potential of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) gating for in-situ control of device performance. These design ideas leverage the existing foundation of commercial magnetic devices and are enabled by the recent demonstration of magnon modes in patterned V[TCNE]2 devices with quality-factors in excess of 8,000 at X-band (linewidth of 0.50 Oe) and with Gilbert damping of 3×10⁻⁵. These structures can be patterned with electron-beam lithography, deposited on a wide variety of substrates at 50C, and encapsulated for operation under ambient conditions.