Heterogeneous Integration for WLP RF Transceivers : Challenges and Issues

This presentation will be focused on the recent development concerning heterogeneous integration of GaN and Silicon based technologies applied to RF front-end. An introduction about future system evolutions will be reviewed for different markets. The needs in terms of integration but also in terms of architecture (active antennas, massive MIMO) requires to develop full System In Package integrating a complete RF front-end. It would include mixed different technologies well suitable for such functions like GaN RF, SiGe BICMOS, IPD, GaN Power. The presentation will review the state-of-the-art and the constraints observed to integrated RF GaN power technologies inside a wafer level packaging flow (WLP). Power management, high frequencies, RF isolation would be reviewed in regards to fan-out based technology and what would be the perspectives. First trend will be presented about European initiatives to develop industrial WLP pilot lines covering heterogeneous SIP for telecom, industrial and defense needs.